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Welcome to the “Elighes” wellness oasis of the Corte Bianca Experience Hotel.

“Elighes” in honor of the Holms that will keep you company when you want to carve out a moment of body and soul care for yourself and in honor of our magical Sardinia, mother of ancient secrets of longevity and beauty.Rituals that we want to share with our guests and bring back to life in the shade of our wellness forest.

The main ingredients we have chosen to use for your well-being are organic products of our Land, the result of wise ancient processes that are handed down from generation to generation.

Such as the olive oil made in Cardedu, a natural, skin-friendly remedy with antioxidant and anti-aging properties, an ally in the treatment of stretch marks and excellent for preventing wrinkles or small imperfections;

Donkey milk, the so-called “white gold”, from a Sardinian company that makes eco-sustainability and animal welfare its core values, useful in making the skin more luminous, velvety and elastic.

Another element used for our treatments is salt, a Sardinian product used in aesthetics, is a valid ally to combat oedema, cellulite and to purify tissues: it reduces water stagnation, detoxifies tissues.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the autochthonous aromatic plants from which essential oils are extracted, precious substances that with their perfume and their benefits will make you live an experience that will involve all 5 senses.


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0 Square meters our “Elighes” Wellness Oasis
0 Liters of water in our Kneipp Path
0 Whirlpool stations in our Kneipp Path
0 Square meters Gym


The benefits of the Kneipp method and the pleasure of hydromassage

If you are looking for relax and you want to spend some of your time in a relaxing and suggestive atmosphere, we invite you to try our Hydrotherapic path. Kneipp method use the curative power of water to donate welfare to our bodythanks to the succession of diving in hot and cold water.

Our Hydrotherapic Path (unique of its kind in Sardinia with 60,000 liters of seawater and a depth of 90 cm.) combines the benefits of the Kneipp method with the pleasure of hydromassage.

It begins with a walk on the river plebbes immersed up to the hip bonein the hot water with some whirlpool jets on the legs. Then it follows a relaxing island with 4 different whirlpool stations: an armchair with jets on the back, “the barrel”, where standing, the hydromassage is carried out on the whole body, the bed in which you lie on your back and a station with a powerful jet of water from above to massage shoulders and cervical. After the immersion in the hot water bathtub you’ll go to the cold water bathtub, which reactivates the circulation, tones and revitalizes all body activities.The path helps improving blood circulation, purifying and draining tissues and reducing a sense of swelling and heaviness; it is suitable for everyone and perfect for those with water retention problems.


New 2021

In the seven hundredth year of Dante’s death, the Experience Hotel Corte Bianca wants to celebrate the Italian Bard, too. We have thought of an emotional shower itinerary, i.e. four showers nestled in stone towers made up of local different stones that create a unique itinerary, a ritual of well-being inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Lose yourself in their foggy atmosphere, through colours, scents and sounds that will let you live a wellness experience like never before!

Aromatherapy and chromo therapy, combined with the purifying and firming power of water jets, will satisfy both your body and soul.

The majesty of our Divine Showers will leave you breathless.

The first stage is Limbo, wherecitrus hues and aromas dominate the shower structure of Sardinian granite. The seawater jets will fill your body with joy, thanks to the healing heat that will dissolve all your body tensions.

After Limbo comes Hell, its red colour bursting into the stone and flowers that surround this shower. Its masterly gloom will welcome you under real lashes of water: you will feel a powerful strength coming into your body.

Following the Purgatory, where between amber granite and mottled flowers you can indulge in a purifying shower. The water jets will massage both your back and sides.

Finally, Paradise, the sweet longed-for destination, where the whiteness of Orosei marble and the purity of flowers will conquer you completely. A breath of fresh water will spread into your senses and regenerate your body tissues. An exciting mint scent will permeate your spirit and mark the end of this short but wonderful journey.


To stay fit even in vacation


We are pleased to present our new gym equipped with Technogym machines. An environment dedicated to Wellness thanks to products of the highest level and technology.

f you are passionate about sports and wellness and you like to keep your routine even on holiday or take advantage of the time available to stay fit, the Hotel Corte Bianca has a newly built gym inside the Wellness oasis “Elighes”.

A fully equipped Gym of 60 square meters, inserted in the green of our holm oak grove and equipped with the best Technogym equipment:

  • 1 Cyclette
  • 2 Tapis roulant
  • 1 Elliptical
  • 1 Flat bench
  • 1 Lat machine
  • 1 Leg curl / Leg extension
  • 1 Weight Bench


To dissolve stress and tension

Imagine stepping into the equatorial forest, with the body wrapped in a delicate mist and the skin covered with many delicate droplets. This environment, commonly called ‘Turkish bath’ ’, thanks to the action of steam and heat stimulates circulation by dissolving toxins and favoring their expulsion.

The steam bath belongs to the same ancient tradition of purifying baths, from which the sauna also descends. The simultaneous action of steam and controlled heat helps lymphatic blood circulation, dissolving toxins and favoring their expulsion.

The steam bath, thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, is one of the best therapies to combat the stress and tension we are subjected to daily. Practicable for all ages, it is an excellent pressure regulator and an indispensable therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory disorders.


Massages and Treatments to carve out a moment for body and soul care in the magical atmosphere of our holm oak forest. And, for your wellness, we have chosen to use organic products of our Earth, the result of wise ancient processes that are handed down from generation to generation.

Such as, for example, the olive oil produced in the Cardedu area, the “donkey milk” from an Isolana company, the Sardinian salt and the native aromatic plants from which essential oils are extracted, valuable substances that with their perfume and their benefits will make you live an experience that will involve the five senses.