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What to See in Cardedu and Ogliastra

Su Sirboni beach

The beach of Su Sirboniis a classic little cove characterized by a stretch of light-colored sand, bounded on both ends of rocky promontories. It looks out onto a clear, almost crystalline sea of beautiful, iridescent colors that take on tones of light green and blue. The seafloor is mainly sandy and shallow, ideal for enjoying your swim in total safety.


The Beaches of the Gulf of Orosei

The coast of the Gulf of Orosei offers a series of uncontaminated little coves with turquoise water and high cliffs that fall steeply into the sea: Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu (Ispuligidenie), Cala Biriala, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna. 25 miles of uncontaminated coastline, the natural habitat of the golden eagle and Eleonora’s falcon.


Natural Pools of Monti Ferru

“Is Piscinas” are a collection of natural waterfalls and pools nestled in the red porphyry. They’re located in Marina di Gairo – Cardedu, just a few miles from Coccorrocci. It’s a magical place for taking a freshwater dip and relaxing to the sounds of the falls, totally immersed in a pristine natural setting.
A unique place that’s ideal for those looking for a bit of tranquility in the shade of the oleanders.

The area of the natural pools is of great naturalistic and environmental value, and in fact has been classified by the EU as a “Site of Community Importance.”



Art Station – Museum of Contemporary Art

The Art Station is a museum dedicated to artist Maria Lai that’s located in Ulassai, the artist’s native town. Inaugurated in July 2006, it’s housed in an ex-train station (hence the name) along Highway 11 that was restored in the first years of the new millennium. The spaces were restructured into a modern Museum of Contemporary Art which housesnot only the works donated by the artist, but also opens its doors to other artistic disciplines such as music and theater, andis particularly committed to the important work of education in art appreciation. It possesses a one-of-a-kind collection, one hundred and fifty works from one of the most important contemporary artists that represent a varietyof techniques and materials including terracotta, looms, ceramics, canvas, and hand-sewn books.The museum aspires to be not only a showcase, but a place whose closed rooms opens up to the outside, expanding into the town and the landscape and toward its inhabitants.